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About Integrated Autism Service

What is the Integrated Autism Service?

The integrated autism service is jointly hosted between health and social care with strong links to education.
The service is all age, this helps us to ensure consistency for autistic individuals and support with transitions.
Our service is for individuals who DO NOT have moderate to severe mental health or learning difficulties.

What the service can provide for parents and carers of children

  • Post diagnostic information and support
  • Signposting to other services
  • Support to develop and implement programmes to address challenging behaviour
  • Support and advice in relation to sleep difficulties
  • Information, advice and training for parents and carers to help develop your child's coping strategies and skills
Where needed, the service may also work with other staff involved with your child such as school staff or health visitors to make sure you and your child are given consistent support and advice.  Parents and carers can self-refer to the service.

What the service can provide for autistic adults

The service can provide:

  • Support to reduce anxiety
  • Social skills development
  • Support to access leisure and recreational activities
  • Assistance to develop your daily living skills (such as paying bills, shopping and cooking)
  • Advice and support to help you access other services such as healthcare or employment support
  • Or advice in relation to other difficulties you may be experiencing
If you are an adult and think you have autism but don't have a diagnosis, the service will be able to offer you an assessment for autism if you want it.

Referring to the Service

We accept referrals from autistic individuals, parents, carers and professionals. Individuals, parents and carers may self refer via this online portal.  If you need help with this please contact us on the number below.

Contact Details

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